Upcoming Event: Solstace Energy Clearing Workshop

June 20, 4:30-7:30 EST

Annual event to manifest miracles. During the Solstice workshop, we will create a powerful energy vortex and send it into the open portal of the Solstice. This is a magical opportunity to manifest your heart's desire, and awaken your soul.


 Programs and Courses To Develop Psychic and Mediumship Skills

Become a Psychic Medium

6-Week Complete Program of Psychic Development and Mediumship 

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Practical Mediumship

8-Week Intensive Study of Mediumship and Channeling Skills for Practitioners

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Numerology  Of Life

Discover your destiny through the number frequencies of your life

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 Programs and Courses to Work with Angels

Angelic Mediumship

3-Week Intensive Program to Become a Channel for Angels and Higher Beings


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Become Certified Angelic Healer

4-Week Study of Universal Laws of Healing and Working With Healing Angels and Archangels

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Healing With Angels

Collection of Courses:

Healing with Angels, Healing Anxiety with Angels, Healing Trauma With Angels

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Career Opportunity Programs and Community Support

Become as Certified Intuitive Life Coach

15-week Program 


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Start and Grow Your Business as a Psychic Medium, Healer, or Soul-Coach

Intensive workshop for spiritually- oriented entrepreneurs 

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Inner Circle Program


Monthly subscription program to support your soul's journey

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What Others Have Experienced

Be Inspired
"I discovered Josie on YouTube and followed her channel for years. At some point, I felt lost about my career and booked a reading with her.   Josie's psychic insights and Angel communication gave me clear direction about my future.
She helped me realize my true passion for teaching, which I had never considered before.  I'm now in a job I love teaching quantum healing and feeling grateful every day. Thank you, Josie. You are a real Angel.
Kelly P. Toronto (Canada)
"I took Josie's online course on Angelic Mediumship and Healing in February 2020, and it changed my life. It helped me survive the pandemic, extreme stress, health problems, and the loss of a close friend.
In my darkest hours, I would do her meditations, call upon Angels, and just rest. My mind would quiet, and I would feel deep inner peace. I felt Angels and Archangels with me telling me it would all be okay. It's a miracle I am still here."