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About Josie 

Josie Grouse is the world's leading expert on Angels and soul healing on a mission to bring light and guidance from the spirit world. 

Trained as a registered nurse, Josie discovered Angels and Mediumship after the tragic passing of her father in 2003. As a result, her life took a different turn in the world of spirit communication to heal grief. She says, "For the first time, I realized that life does not end on the physical plane and death is just a transition. That realization was the medicine that healed my soul."
Now Josie runs an online "School of Angelic Healing," helping people to find spiritual solutions to their problems with guidance from Angels and Spirits. The school has had over 10 000 graduates since 2015.
She also has a spiritual YouTube Channel with 21+ million views from all over the world.


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Praise from clients..

I loved the reading with Josie. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and supportive. She explained my situation in detail, constructed my plan of action, and what I need to focus on to lead a healthy life. Gave me tips, how to ask for angel guidance, and assured me that I am always supported by them. I felt energized and ready for the future after the reading. Highest praise, blessings and love to Josie and to all who guide her. I really love her. I will definitely come back for another reading! With deepest gratitude,



I had a session with Josie in April 2023. Her prediction came true even before June, Just today I got a beautiful sunny semi-apartment to live in the east end downtown with a wonderful landlord and people. The place is just like she predicted. I love that neighborhood, and I am very happy. Her prediction came 100% true. Thank you so much, this place means a lot to me.


Thank you with all of my heart for your divine reading today.  It was truly a gift to share this time and connect with you, and find insights on my journey.  Your readings really are so detailed, and the way you align with the energy of clients is inspirational.  Thank you for being a beckon of light in my day, and always for others.  May you always experience light, and may so everyone on your devoted team!


With love,


Meeting you via Zoom in October 2022 was a life-changing experience. Your spine-tingling reading performance left me in awe. I'll forever be grateful to you, Josie, and your Phenomenal Spirit Guides for helping me identify the sources of my problems, find spiritual solutions, heal from childhood traumas, and live a fulfilling life. Your psychic abilities connected me to my Spirit Guides and loved ones, revealing truths about my past that resonated deeply with me. The knowledge and insight you shared answered questions that had plagued me since childhood. I've come to realize that every time I connect with you, I receive divine guidance. I highly recommend you, Josie, as you are an incredibly gifted medium full of integrity. Your consultations are invaluable, and I'm eternally thankful for the transformative impact you've had on my life. I am committed to my healing journey and look forward to continuing our work together.

With love,

Peggy, UK

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