Awaken Inner Goddess

With Josie Grouse

3-Week Total Enchantment Program 

Activate Feminine Energy For Beauty, Attraction, Health and Youth


JULY 29 - AUGUST 19, 2024


21 Days to Awaken the Powerful Goddess Energy

A transformative journey for the woman who desires to awaken her Inner Goddess and unleash her full feminine power.


The Goddess activation program is for you if  you want REAL MAGIC to happen: 


Feeling magnetically attractive: Radiate beauty and confidence that turns heads and captures hearts effortlessly.


Clearing emotional and mental blockages to experience pleasure and desire


Restoring your hormones and increasing libido: Balance your body naturally and reignite your passion and zest for life.


Activating sensual energy centers:  unleash a powerful creative and erotic force in your body


Heal and spice up your intimate relationship; attract a partner you desire


Activating mystical Goddess archetypes for manifestation: Tap into the ancient wisdom of Goddess energy to manifest your deepest desires.


Becoming irresistible and powerfully feminine: Command attention embodying the true essence of a Goddess.

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Days 1-7 Curriculum: Awakening the Foundation of Your Inner Goddess

7 Lessons | 7 Activations | 15-Minute Daily Practices


Activate the energy of Goddess Gaia, the Primordial Mother.

Connect deeply with Earth and nature's energy, grounding yourself in the foundation of Divine Feminine power.

Gaia is the mother of all matter, including the human body and its feminine function. She is the womb of creation from which life springs into being. Gaia gives birth to her daughters and is a generous and protective Goddess.

Begin the journey of healing and releasing emotional or energetic blockages from the earliest stages in a feminine body. Heal the Mother energy in your relationship with the Earth, Feminine Ancestors, and descendants.

Release limiting family programs and past life memories related to  beauty, attractiveness, the feminine body, sexuality, and childbirth.

Activate your strength through alignment with your feminine nature.


Days 7-14 Curriculum: Awakening the Sensual Body of Your Inner Goddess

7 Lessons | 7 Activations | 15-Minute Daily Practices


Activate the energy of Goddess Aphrodite, the Passionate Lover.

Connect deeply with the creative power of feminine essence.

Aphrodite embodies passion not just for physical love, but for life itself. She is fully at home with her sensuality and unapologetic about her desires. Goddess Aphrodite represents the sexual power of attraction, the feminine force of seduction, beauty, and magnetism.

Explore Sacred Feminine Energy through pleasure and desire.

Embrace the body temple as a source of divine creative and magnetic force.

Awaken Sexual Energy Centers to enhance magnetism and attraction.

Create beauty or a "glow from within" through play and ease.

Feel powerfully connected to the Goddess of beauty and love in your intimate relationships.



Days 14-21 Curriculum: Activating Feminine Intuition and Wisdom

7 Lessons | 7 Activations | 15-Minute Daily Practices


Activate the energy of Goddess Bastet, the Wise Queen

Connect deeply with the power of Feminine Intuitive Knowing.

Bastet is the Queen Goddess, known for her deep wisdom, confidence, and protective nature. She commands attention with her magnetic presence, drawing strength from her inner knowing and unshakable confidence. Bastet trusts her intuition and stands firm in her choices. Bastet embodies resilience and empowerment through grace and determination.

Activate the Divine Feminine Energy through inner wisdom and intuition

Gain unshakable confidence to follow your dreams and desires

Invoke protection and guidance of Bastet as a guardian.

Heal a relationship, restore family, enhance the chances to conceive, safe childbirth, and protect children.

Connect with the Feminine Spirit through Bastet, a cosmic power of creation, a portal into other dimensions



"Awaken Inner Goddess" Program
Next Intake: July 29, 2024 Program Duration: 21 Days
How The Program Works:


Each week starts with a Goddess invocation ritual to activate her energy, guiding you through specific practices.
Daily practices are short, about 10 minutes each.

You will also require a journal to record your experiences. You'll be glad you did!


You'll notice the Goddess's presence through practical signs and coincidences occurring in real life.
Choose your pace with the basic option, which includes a complete PDF self-guide. 
Upgrade to the guided option for two live Q&A sessions with Josie during the program.
Enroll confidently with the 14-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

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 21 Lessons

 21 Practices


Live Q&A with Josie



Hi, I'm Josie 

I am a mystic and spiritual Activator. I work with Angels, Goddess Archetypes and Nature Spirits.

In this program you will experience powerful activations of THREE Goddess Archetypes:

Gaia, Aphrodite and Bastet.

They are the true manifestations of Divine Feminine Energy in each woman, who desires to fully embrace their feminine experience on Earth


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