Do you need a spiritual mentor for support, well-being and success? Join my monthly coaching program where I personally provide you with new practices and education to

✅ improve your physical and emotional health   ✅ enhance the quality of relationships  ✅ increase money flow and success   ✅ build strong energy and overcome life's challenges

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Receive the name of your Guardian Angel personally from Josie 

In the Inner Circle you will be assigned a specific Angelic Being who will guide you through the practices of the program. 

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Monthly Offerings and Blessings For Well-Being and Success

Monthly offering is a blessing intention ritual for wellbeing, protection, and success of the Inner Circle members. 

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Monthly Energy Clearing and Healing Video

Receive exclusive distance healing  from Angels.  Release energy blockages that negatively affect  health, relationships  and abundance.

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Weekly Energy-Specific Meditations 

Stay on the high frequency of the Divine Source for ultimate happiness, health, and wellbeing!

Every Monday, receive  a brand new meditation,  based on current energy of the Earth, Sun and the Moon. A MUST for all energy-sensitive individuals.

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FULL ACCESS TO BEST-SELLING COURSES (over $600 Value) PLUS Bonus Workshops

Unlimited use of my library and the following courses "Abundance With Angels: 21-day Program", "Heal Anxiety With Angels" , "Become Angelic Healer", "Awaken Goddess Within", "Heal Deep Trauma with Angels" and "Manifesting Your Desire With Angels" 

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New online classes EVERY WEEK . Learn practical tools and  practices to develop inner balance, strength. Manifesting, healing, meditation, success, personal power with Angels. 

ASK ANYTHING in monthly Q&As with Josie.

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Sylvie C.

I was going through a dark phase in my life and Josie's words of wisdom woven together with such harmony and light,  brought hope to my broken heart and soul.  I could feel (and still can) through the screen of my iPad,  Her passion in these messages 

from the Angelic Realms through Her, for Us,  that...little by little ...  these words of light started to soothe my heart and soul.  Those courses have literally STOPPED the festering negative thoughts or if they penetrate,  the courses gives helpful indications to quickly, very quickly,  cut them to the roots immediately.  The Online courses have given me a even more profound faith

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Nancy T.

Taking this course was one of the best things I've done for myself in ages. I'm very appreciative for having had the opportunity to participate - I've learned so much and see the information, when applied, being beneficial throughout life. It's definitely a lifestyle that I plan to adopt - I wish I'd had learned this sooner, but it's never too late to have a better outlook, experiences, and life. I'm excited to see what wonderful things are to come as I live as a conscious observer and co-creator as opposed to being passively swept along through life.

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Promil G.

I am feeling so grateful and blessed! I have no words to qualify your guidance. Thanks for being a good mentor and guiding us.


What you will receive:

Name of your Guardian Angel and 48 personalized meditations (12 hours of binaural mind power and high quality brain technologies)

50 hours of strategically-designed lessons, practices, and tools that bring RESULTS and help you to build a great life, love, and abundance.

15 hours of live Psychic Readings with Josie

30% discount on upcoming courses with Josie

Access to the library of best-selling courses on Abundance, Healing Trauma, and Manifesting Your Dreams...Over $600 in value

PLUS, monthly distance healing, blessings and good vibes of the supportive community

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Top features

  • Weekly Lessons
  • Name of Your Guardian Angel
  • Library of Best-selling Programs
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Monthly Healing 
  • Monthly Psychic Readings
  • Supportive Community