1:1 Coaching Experience with Josie

Is a Path to Quantum Leap Results.

Coaching is NOT a series of psychic readings.  It's NOT therapy. It's NOT mindset training.

It's deep work required for inner transformation.  

You are ready for the deep work when:

You have a strong desire for change 

You are unhappily stuck in your current circumstances 

You lost direction in life and need reawakening 

Your business no longer brings joy or revenue

You are ready to follow the guidance  of your spiritual mentor for at least six months


Start deep inner work of self-awareness

Reconnect with your Soul

Understand your dreams and desires that come from the Soul; develop a powerful soulset

Get clarity about your life's journey, karmic, money, and soulmate lessons

Clear blockages to health, happiness, and wealth

 Get in vibrational alignment with your desires, aspirations, and dreams

Resolve difficult situations in a harmonious way

Accountability and visioning for your future goal.

Nneka, UK

Your guidance gave me insight into my limiting beliefs and your recommendations and guidance moved me into action there landing a great job and moving my business idea forward.

As a Coach, Medium and Mentor, you are just amazing, you give the right amount of information and always there when I need a little nudge in the right direction.  I hear your words in my head and that, keeps me on the right track and inspires me to keep going because I know somewhere in the background you are cheering for me and that to me is just priceless.

Thank you thank you thank you for your unwavering support and you are an amazing Coach, Medium and mentor.  Always giving more than 100% of your time, energy and love to all that you do.

Who Will Benefit From 1:1 Coaching?

The coaching experience is for you if:

🔥 You are ready to take your life to the next level

🔥 You have the desire and intention to go beyond your current results

🔥You need soulful guidance and accountability.


Ash, UK

Josie is a very special soul with a fabulous energy that never fails to draw me in. Being in Josie's presence and fabulously positive vibes is always an absolute pleasure and leaves me feeling so much more spiritually enlightened. 
She has a wonderful gift and it is a true blessing that Josie wants to share said gift with the world.

My Commitment To Coaching Excellence

Over 12 years of experience

10 000+ personal and group sessions

10 000+ students and program graduates since 2014

21 million views on spiritual Youtube vlog Josie Grouse

40k+ Facebook members

1000+ live workshops 

Laura Lee, ON

Josie is a shining light and star. Full of energy and wonderful insight and natural intuition. Josie will be a guiding light for you to achieve your dreams. Josie will get you Focused on your dreams and desires. So, if you want to move forward and change your life to your best life, Run and work with Josie Grouse. You will thank yourself. Congratulations.

Please follow the link below to complete the application form. Josie looks forward to personally review your application.

If you’ve been accepted, our team will be in touch with you regarding payment information.